Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Star shoes selling point is the 'experience + follow'

Peak Brand Management Center Deputy Director Liu Xiang think, Jordan my charm is the one and only can not be copied, only he can enjoy independent brand. However, the star shoes advantage is rapid intervention in the market, to enter the consumer perspective, the brand can use of star power to drive sales, domestic sports brand also launched with the signing of basketball shoes. However, the brand according to their location, to play also each are not identical.
   Li Ning Co said, "Tao of Wade series products generally through the line Lining official mall and line of Lining entity shop sales, only part of the special color basketball shoes for sale". Data shows, from 2012 October signing NBA star Dewayne Wade, released the product first Wade so far, Tao of Wade basketball shoes have been introduced to the second generation, the conventional sale of ordinary color product price is in 800-900 yuan between, in addition, according to some important events or Wade individual needs, has introduced 10 special color edition the sale, price of more than 1000 yuan.
   Liu Xiang said, Peak also hope to own brand of star products can become the market's classic, but these need long time of accumulation, regardless of the brand or the star I. "In the domestic market, Parke shoes replenishment quantity of nearly 100000 pairs." And the continuous improvement in the pursuit of specialization and star products of desire, dumping products are becoming more and more small. According to its introduction, Peak Parke and Battier signature shoe in the present market price is in 500 yuan of above, Peak star basketball shoes in the rising prices, and the future will also consider the limit, the pattern for the sale of pre-sale.
   Anta is the opposite, in September last year, Anta as its spokesman, NBA star Kevin Garnett launched its personal signature basketball shoes -- the fourth generation kg4, the price of only 399 yuan, and before the three generation products from kg1 to kG3, were set at the price of 699 yuan. In positioning in the mass market Anta view, price is the factor in consumer value. Data shows, the first three generation kg basketball shoes, the total sales of less than 100000 double, and 399 yuan "the national shoes" after the listing of Q3 last year, Q4 shipments in the past three years the sum of player shoes shipments.

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