Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shoes behind the value

 For Air Jordan, not "buy" the majority of people, but "rob". Every new product launch or replenishment, many stores are able to see all night queuing figure. These people may be air jordan fans, there may be they queued to a price of 200 yuan per person to hire professional. In the eyes of the people, Jordan wore shoes each have a legend story, cultural value is much higher than all the shoes technology. But in Fengqiang behind, wearing air jordan basketball people actually not much. This may also explain why despite Air Jordan will also discovered the quality problem, but still a shoe to.
   Can not be ignored, air jordan fiery perhaps and extreme imbalance between supply and demand of. A air jordan fan to Beijing Daily reporter said, "is a few years ago 600 yuan will be able to buy a pair of aj7 in shop, replica shoes are now limited supply, prices more speculation higher, almost have to increase to buy". A air jordan Fan said, in Beijing in addition to the Oriental Xintiandi Jordan stores and Wangfujing Nike Beijing, together with other schools Nike regional counter number will be Jordan, or at least mix to sell, but relatively few. Whether or not to increase China supply market, Nike Chinese not on Beijing Daily reporter response.
    Air jordan cannot meet the demand of the situation, the market gave rise to speculation shoes off, also exacerbated the flood copycat shoe. Taobao online price of air jordan shoes, or even as low as 100 yuan, but sales are still considerable.

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