Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Masters: Bradley is wearing green star equipment Jordan shoe battle Augusta

 Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on April 9th news: 12 hours ago, golf star foundation - Bradley instagram in the sun on a he boarded the Augusta equipment, including a pair of green and white golf shoes is very striking. It says here is, this pair of shoes he preached the brand is "Jordan 11s".
    To understand this article component, you must first understand for 18 years ago are still children, now long to 25-35 year old men, what it means to Jordan 11s. These shoes, are carrying the growth story for many people.
    Bradley will wear Jordan 11S shoes, on this week the Grand Slam venues in Augusta, there is a hardly worthy of belief. I guess there are a lot of people may have been put on, and Bradley not only now wearing this pair of shoes, he has to wear a variety of Jordan shoes.

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